Hunting and fishing in State forests

A lifetime to explore

No better way to get away from it all than going fishing or hunting. From Lake Eildon to Rocklands Reservoir, Big River to the mighty Snowy River, there’s a lifetime of places to visit and enjoy the best of Victoria’s fishing and hunting across Victoria’s forests.

A recreational fishing licence is required to go fishing in any Victorian waters. You need a current game licence to hunt game species, such as deer, duck and quail. Read up on the licence requirements before you go.

Our More To Explore app provides detailed maps and information on places to visit across Victoria, including detailed information on where you can hunt, and you can download maps for use offline. Our MapShare premium interactive mapping application is a great online mapping tool to research what you can hunt where and how to get to your favourite waterways. The More To Explore layer within MapShare contains comprehensive recreation and hunting information. Use it on your desktop computer to plan your next trip.

To access the information you need, follow these three steps:

  1. View our 'How To Videos' first, that explain how to use the basic functionality of Mapshare to find out the information you need.
    - Viewing More To Explore recreation data in MapShare
    - Viewing hunting data in MapShare.
  2. Jump into MapShare to research what you can hunt where, viewing it on a desktop computer to plan your next trip; and
  3. Download the More To Explore app to put all that hunting information into your mobile, including offline map capability (and watch the How To videos on using the More To Explore app to get the best out of the app).

Fishing in Victoria

Cast away in still waters and see what bites. First-time angler or seasoned pro — fishing in Victoria’s many lakes, rivers and streams is an unforgettable experience.

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A man and child hold a fishing rod together by a river.

Hunting in Victoria

Learn how to effectively and responsibly hunt in Victoria’s state forests. From basic survival skills to hunting essentials, Game Management Authority’s online modules are a great tool to get started.

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