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Why look after our forests

Forests are fundamental to the health and wellbeing of every Victorian. Victoria’s forests and waterways produce some of our most basic needs – such as clean air and water, pollination, flood mitigation and carbon sequestration. Exploring our forests are also a great way to get out and enjoy nature.

We all need to do our bit to protect our forests and parks so future generations can thrive.

How you can help

Victoria’s state forests are for everyone to enjoy. See our simple tips below to help protect our forests for generations to come.

A man, woman and three small children walk through the forest.
A family is enjoying a state forest in Victoria.

Find out more

Learn more about what you can and can’t do in our state forests on the Conservation Regulator’s website. If you see someone doing the wrong thing in our forests, you can also report it on their website.

Caring for nature doesn't stop when you leave the forest. Find out more ways to act for nature by visiting the Arthur Rylah Institute.

Page last updated: 14/09/22