Suburban Parks Program

Creating new parkland

The Victorian Government is investing $315 million across Melbourne in new and better parks and trails where we can all relax and connect with nature.

Green, open spaces benefit our health and wellbeing, protect nature and combat the effects of hotter summers across the city and outer suburbs.

By working with Traditional Owners to protect natural areas, we’re also protecting cultural heritage and the health of creeks, rivers and habitats for our plants and animals.

These projects will create jobs, boost regional tourism and support local economies while ensuring everyone can enjoy more of our great outdoors.

New and upgraded parks and trails

This landmark investment will create more than 6,500 hectares of new and upgraded parks and trails across Greater Melbourne — that's an area more than 170 times the size of Melbourne's Royal Botanic Gardens.

Suburbs on Melbourne’s growing fringe will get new, bigger and better parks. The Suburban Parks Project team is now working across State Government, with Traditional Owners, councils and the community to deliver this exciting program.

What's happening near you?

Open space for everyone

The Open Space for Everyone strategy guides all levels of government in the planning, management and delivery of a quality open space network over the next 30 years.

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