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About the parklands

We are connecting existing and new parklands, from Moorabbin to Dingley Village to create a ‘chain of parks’ for people in Melbourne's south-east.

We will continue to work with Kingston City Council, our partners and the community to inform the vision for the parklands.

yellow daisies in grasslands

Where will the parklands be located?

The parklands sit within the traditional lands of the Bunurong People. They will link existing and new parkland from Moorabbin to Dingley Village, 20–30 kilometres south east of Melbourne’s CBD.

sandbelt park landscape map

When will the parklands open?

We are working to secure the land needed to establish the parklands. Sandbelt Parklands is a project requiring extensive planning and consultation. It may take several years to fully complete.


  1. Government commitment to create a ring of parkland around Melbourne

    November 2018

  2. Planning phase


  3. Community consultation

    From 2023

We are working with key partners, stakeholders, Traditional Owners and the community to develop the vision for Sandbelt Parklands.

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More information

To find out more, contact the Suburban Parks Program team.

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