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We’re building new walking and cycling trails in Melbourne’s north.

The Northern Metropolitan Trails program is providing targeted investment into new priority off-road cycling and walking trails in northern metropolitan Melbourne to increase active recreation and the safety of cyclists and pedestrians and enhance communities’ ability to connect with nature.

We are working closely with the northern Melbourne municipalities and La Trobe University to construct the new trail projects.

Northern metropolitan trails

Polaris link trail

Northern trail:  Polaris link trail

Status: Project complete

Location:  Corner of Main Drive and Plenty Road, Bundoora, to the northern end of La Trobe University Shared Path, Bundoora

Merri Creek trail

Northern trail: Merri Creek trail

Status: Project underway

Location: Merri Concourse, Campbellfield to Premier Drive, Campbellfield

La Trobe University shared path

Northern trail: La Trobe University shared path

Status: Project complete

Location: Connecting Darebin Creek Trail in the south of the campus to Polaris Link in the north of Latrobe University, Bundoora

Diamond Creek trail extension

Northern trail: Diamond Creek trail extension – Stage 2

Status: Project complete

Location: Wilson Road, Wattle Glen to Hurstbridge Memorial Park, Hurstbridge

Edgars Creek trail

Northern trail: Edgars Creek trail – Stage 1

Status: Project complete

Location: Main Street Thomastown to Thomas Street Pavilion, Thomastown

Hendersons Creek trail

Northern trail: Hendersons Creek trail  – Stages 3-5

Status: Project complete

Location: McDonalds Road, South Morang to Findon Road, Epping

Yan Yean pipe trail

Northern trail: Yan Yean pipe trail – Stages 1 and 2

Status: Project complete

Location:  Darebin Creek Trail at McKimmies Road, Mill Park to Childs Road, Mill Park

Photos of metropolitan trails

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