More to Explore is the best way to experience everything that Victoria's 3 million hectares of state forests have to offer.

So, download the app, search our interactive maps and go bush today

Say you want to go for a bushwalk?

Tap explore and bushwalking. Zoom and scroll to see where walking tracks are available. Once you’re out walking, the GPS guidance feature will show you exactly where you are on the track and how far you’ve got to go. And if you’re worried about mobile coverage, just download your map to use offline.

If driving is more your thing, tap 4-wheel driving from the explore menu.

There are also handy features like news and tips. Use the news feature to stay up to date with events like road closures. And use the tips for safety advice and to check if you can bring your dog along with you.

There's a feedback function to you can let us know if you come across a hazard, like a fallen tree, and our team will head out on site.

Go to the app store and download more to explore now because there's never been a better time to discover our state forest.

Page last updated: 15/07/22