Welcome to the More to Explore app developed by Forest Fire Management Victoria. We have created this app to make available comprehensive information on what you can see and do in State forests

This video will help you get familiar with the filtering of activities and the four main sections of the app at the bottom. These sections are, ‘explore’, ‘news’, ‘tips’, and ‘more’.

To begin, open the More to Explore app, and by default, you should be on the ‘Explore’ section visible at the bottom left corner of the screen. Your screen should be set to display ‘All features’ shown at the top left corner of the screen.

Simply place your pointy finger on the ‘All features’ bar and drag across to your left. You will see various options in outdoor recreational activity.

For basic filtering, click on your preferred activity, and the map will generate a location throughout Victoria with the chosen activity.

To find out if your activity has advanced filtering, you will see a right-pointing chevron next to it. When clicked, this will provide additional options for the difficulty and duration of the activity.

To return to basic filtering, simply click the activity bar again.

The ‘News’ section can be seen one across from ‘Explore’

Select the ‘News’ section and here; you will find all information relating to the More to Explore application updates, safety alerts on Covid-19 as well as updated site/track information.

The ‘Tips’ section provides a depth of information for you if you are preparing to visit a State Forest.

To receive a full list of topics and set up notification preferences from the ‘News’ section, click on ‘More’. This is visible in the bottom to the far right.

Activate the ‘DELWP Notification’ and access the ‘DELWP Notification Preferences’. Here you will be able to select topics and locations that you would like to receive notifications for. This will help keep you up to date whenever new information is posted.

To get an understanding of some of the more advanced features of the app, please refer to the next video.

The next video will highlight

  • The use of the interactive map
  • Creating and downloading an offline map
  • Zoom functions and
  • Access to images and background information on trails, tracks and some activities

Thank you for watching the basics of getting started with More to Explore.

Page last updated: 14/09/22